Services by Thermal Design Systems, Inc.

At Thermal Design Systems, Inc. we can provide all types of stainless steel tubing and pipes, TIC and computerized welding, bending from 1/8 inched tubes on up to 2 inches pipe and custom instrumentation cabinets.

TIG and computerized welding

Image of TIG and computerized welding

At Thermal Design Systems, Inc., we use state of the art TIG (tungsten inert gas)  a.k.a. GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding) equipment to ensure a clean, solid weld.  This keeps the area free of contamination by creating an inert gas shield over the weld. That is important to our customers in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

TIG welding is either done by hand by a certified welder or by computerized methods. Either way, you can be sure our welds are precise, accurate and will pass any inspection.

Tube and pipe bending

Photo of Tube and pipe bending

Stainless steel tubing and pipes can be bent to your specifications. Our team of experts and up to date machinery can bend any standard width from 1/8 inch on up into coils, elbows, or whatever configurations your project requires.  Heat induced, ram, roll and rotary methods used at our plant produce clean flowing pipe and tubes, sanitized and ready for use. We’ll design and custom fit any shape or size to meet your needs.

Instrumentation cabinet building

Photo of Instrumentation cabinet building

Thermal Design Systems, Inc. also can custom make cabinets to house any type of electronic or computerized instrumentation. High quality stainless steel is welded to precise measurements to ensure your equipment is secure, dust free and operational.  We design tube and pipe shelving for sanitary restaurant or clean room use. When it comes to clean storage, we know what you need.