Thermal Design Systems, Inc.

Welding and bending for stainless steel tubes and pipes

Designing and installing hydraulic and pnuematic controls and tubing specified to your needs. Sanitary, flexible pipe bending and clean arc weld techniques is our business. Meeting your individual pipe, tubing or cabinet specifications is our pledge.

What we do

At Thermal Design Systems, Inc., we pride ourselves in our expertise with multiple types of tube and pipe bending equipment, both by hand and machine, that can handle anything from 1/8 inch tubing up to Schedule 40 two inch stainless steel pipe.

Let us prove our proficiency in both the Arc Machine and Swagelok orbital welding machines for all your sanitary stainless pipe and tube projects.


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Thermal Design Systems, Inc. is behind what you consume every day

Thermal Design Systems, Inc. has been around for almost two decades, and their designs have assisted in the production of many of the foods you order at the drive-through or have in your pantry right this minute. If you look in your medicine cabinet, chances are there is a product that was made with Thermal Design Systems, Inc.’ equipment.

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